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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Before Case 77 After
Before After

Case 77

This 22 year old woman from the Dallas area presented to my Southlake plastic surgery practice with complaints of skin excess after weight loss. Through a self-motivated program of diet and exerci...

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Before Case 373 After
Before After

Case 373

This athletic 36 year old woman had lost 110lb with a combination of weight loss surgery and kick boxing (5 days per week!)  She was left with a significant amount of excess skin.  We app...

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Before Case 56 After
Before After

Case 56

This patient is a very pleasant woman in her mid 50's who had lost a significant amount of weight. She was bothered by the "bat wing" appearance of her arm skin, and requested a brachioplasty (arm...

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